Register and Privacy Statement

Register and Privacy Statement

Finland Hyvän Kaupan Paikka It is of paramount importance for Oy to protect the personal data of visitors to the site and we are committed to maintaining the privacy of our users. Personal data is processed in accordance with Finnish legislation and the data protection policy of Suomen Hyvän Kaupan Paikka Oy.


Finland Hyvän Kaupan Paikka Oy (Business ID: 2006699-8)
Krouvintie 1, 90400 Oulu
Phone: 08 378 200

Contact person

Tapani Murto, CEO
Phone: 0400 700 653

Name of the register

Finland Hyvän Kaupan Paikka Oy Customer register

Purpose of the processing of personal data and purpose of the register

The purpose of the registers is:

  • Gather information for customer relationship management, sales, marketing and business development.
  • Finland Hyvän Kaupan Paikka Maintenance of the website ( owned by Oy and implementation of products and services offered through the pages or in other ways

Information content of the register

Finland Hyvän Kaupan Paikka Oy collects e.g. personal data belonging to the following categories:

  • Technical data, ie information collected by cookies about the user's visits to Finland Hyvän Kaupan Paikka Oy's website and related login information that identifies the user's location, time and usage habits
  • Information provided by the customer such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and other contact information required e.g. delivery of products and services, customer communication and user identification.
  • Customer and contractual information, such as customer order information and other information related to the pages and the products and services offered through them.

Regular sources of information

  • Finland Hyvän Kaupan Paikka Information collected by Oy through cookies, which has been collected by monitoring the use of the pages
  • Information provided by the customer, such as general customer and order information

Regular data transfers and data transfers outside the EU or the EEA

Information is not disclosed to the EU or outside the EEA, excluding third-party cookie, Google Analytics, which collects information about the user to the service. This information may be transferred and located outside the EU or the EEA.

Principles of Registry Security

The information in the marketing register is kept confidential electronically.

The right of inspection

As a general rule, everyone has the right to have information about themselves checked. The request for verification must be made in writing by handwritten letter or in person at the data controller. Requests for inspections are addressed to Finland Hyvän Kaupan Paikka Oy with the contact information mentioned in section two.

Correcting Information

Everyone has the right to have incorrect information in the register corrected. A request for rectification should be made in writing and in a sufficiently specific manner. Requests for rectification of information are addressed to Finland Hyvän Kaupan Paikka Oy.


Cookies are commonly used on various websites. In most browsers, new cookies can be blocked or the browser can be set to indicate that a web page is trying to store a cookie. Please note that blocking cookies may impair the operation of the website or service.

  • Session-specific cookies expire when a user ends a session on the server.
  • Persistent cookies are stored until a certain time limit or until they are destroyed by the user.
  • This Internet page provides third-party cookie, Google Analytics, which collects information about the user to the service. This information may be transferred and located outside the EU or the EEA.

Other terms and conditions

The Website may contain links to other websites. Finland Hyvän Kaupan Paikka Oy is not responsible for the content or security of other websites.

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Terms of service

These delivery terms are valid from March 19.3.2019, XNUMX.


Suomen Hyvän Kaupan Paikka Oy
Myyntimiehenkuja 10
90410 Oulu

+ 358 8 378 200

The store sells products to adult individuals, businesses and communities. Product prices include VAT. We reserve the right to change prices and delivery costs.

How to order

Products are ordered in the online store by transferring them to the shopping cart and paying for the contents of the shopping cart in the online payment service. All customer information is treated confidentially. The contact information requested in connection with the order will not be used for anything other than the delivery of the order or to clarify any ambiguities that arise in it, unless otherwise stated. When ordering from the online store, you are required to read and commit to the delivery terms in force at the time.

Payment and payment methods

Online Banking

All the most common online banks are available. Acts as a payment intermediary Pursuant to the transitional provision of the Payment Institutions Act, the service is entered in the payment institution register maintained by the Financial Supervisory Authority. The service is a service maintained by Checkout Finland Oy (business ID 2196606-6) and Checkout Finland Oy is owned by OP. Checkout payment terms.

The checkout payment service will forward your payment to the merchant. You can use the payment buttons of all Finnish banks, ie you can pay with the payment buttons of Nordea, Osuuspankki, Säästöpankki, POP Bank, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, S-bank, Ålandsbanken and LähiTapiola Bank. Checkout Finland Oy is shown on the account statement as the payee. Checkout Finland Oy paid Suomen Hyvän Kauppa Oy.

You can pay in the online store with Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Debit MasterCard. Card payment is done securely with Nets' SSL-secured payment form. Neither the online store nor Checkout Finland Oy has access to card information and payment card information is not stored in our systems. The online store uses the international Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode authentication services.

The online store uses the Checkout payment intermediation service for card payments. The online store acts as a marketer of products and services and as a supplier of products to the customer. The online store takes care of the statutory and other obligations related to the transaction. In payment card payments, the transaction is between the customer and Checkout Finland Oy (2196606-6). Checkout appears as the payee on the card invoice and forwards the payment card payment paid by the customer directly to the merchant.

Sandander-purchase financing

Santander purchase financing requires a pre-approved financing decision that you have applied for in advance through our site Santander online service. Purchase financing is only possible if you have a financing decision. Please also note that the total amount of your order may not exceed the amount of funding allocated to you.

Prepay by bank transfer

The PDF invoice can be downloaded from the link in the order confirmation. Once the payment has been logged into our account, the order will continue to be processed.

Order and payment confirmation

Once we receive your order, we will immediately email you an order confirmation showing your order details. Always check the contents of the order confirmation. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service immediately. Save your order confirmation if you need to contact customer service. When dealing with customer service, always keep your possible customer number and order number available. Always check that the contents of the package match the products on the order confirmation.

You can contact our customer service with the following information:

Suomen Hyvän Kaupan Paikka Oy
Myyntimiehenkuja 10
90410 Oulu

+ 358 8 378 200

Terms of payment

Bank Payments

You have payment buttons for all Finnish banks at your disposal. You can pay with the payment buttons of Aktia, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Nordea, Oma Säästöpankki, Osuuspankki, POP Bank, Säästöpankki, S-pank and Ålandsbanken. Checkout Finland Oy is shown as the payee on your account statement, we forward your payment to the online merchant. From the online store, you will be directed directly to your own bank to make the payment securely.

Checkout Finland also offers the possibility to pay with a bank transfer form.

Credit card payments

You can pay online with Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Debit MasterCard and American Express cards. The online store uses international Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode and American Express SafeKey authentication services.

In payment card payments, the transaction is between the customer and Checkout Finland Oy (2196606-6). Checkout Finland Oy is responsible for obligations and complaints related to card payments.

Checkout appears as the payee on the card invoice and forwards the payment card payment paid by the customer directly to the merchant. Card payments are made securely using a secure payment form and payment card information is not stored in e-commerce systems.

Payment terms will be agreed upon with the order and compliance with the agreed due dates will confirm the delivery schedule.
The customer has the right to cancel the transaction in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act for 14 days from the receipt of the order confirmation / invoice. If the cancellation has not been made within the said time, the transaction shall be deemed binding. Payment of the invoice is considered for confirmation.

Delivery method and costs

The delivery method is selected on a product-by-product basis when purchasing the product before the product is transferred to the shopping cart. The delivery cost is also product-specific and can be found on the product page.

Searched locally

The order can be picked up from our pick-up warehouse in Oulu as agreed.


Delivery costs include freight and packaging costs. The product is delivered to the customer delivered home, in which case the customer pays for the freight. 

Delivery time

Our most common delivery times to Finland vary depending on the order and delivery method. We always agreed on the exact delivery time. We will also notify you of any delays after ordering.

We are not responsible for delays caused by force majeure or indirect inconvenience caused by delays. The online store informs about different delivery times on its website.


Returns must always be negotiated with our sales service. We will refund product returns in accordance with the returned products in undamaged packaging, any shipping costs will be deducted from the amount of the return.

We do not accept returned or partially installed products as returns. In the case of returns, the buyer is responsible for the proper packaging of the products so that the transport company can pick them up with its equipment and transport them safely. The shipping costs of the returns will be paid by the seller in cases where the matter has been agreed with the seller and the product is returned to the warehouse or factory under the contract number of the seller's transport company. 


Products that may be stored outdoors are packed in a weatherproof package. If the product is stored outdoors at the customer's premises before installation, the packages must be inspected for possible tears and, if necessary, protected from the weather. Products delivered in cardboard boxes must be stored in a dry place.

Shipments broken during transport

If the product is lost or damaged during transport, you must report the defect in writing within 14 days at the latest to the address mentioned in the Right of Cancellation and Return Policy or by calling the telephone number mentioned in the contact information.

Despite careful packaging, packages can be damaged during transport. Therefore, it is advisable to check the condition of the consignment already in the presence of the driver (or a representative of another carrier) upon receipt. If the package has been damaged during transport and if the ordered product (s) is also damaged, the consignee must ask the carrier to make a damage report immediately, ie a note of the damage and the driver's signature + name clarification are placed in the consignment note. After this, the consumer should contact our customer service to agree on the handling of the transport damage.